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What is VIN?

VIN is vehicle identification number. In short it is VIN. It is a 17 digit unique number given to a vehicle by its manufacturer.

What is a VIN check?

A VIN Check is process that is search for a vehicle. The search report provides history of that vehicle. The report includes its ownership detail accident records, title status, recalls, and more.

How do I perform a VIN check?

VIN Check can be conducted by vehicle’s identification detail. That identification can be its VIN or Plate numebr for vehicle after 1989. Or this can be chassis number for older vehicles of 1989. You can use online services that provide access to vehicle history databases.

Why is a VIN check important when buying a used car?

A VIN check is crucial when buying or selling a used car. This reveals valuable information about vehicle’s history. It helps you make an informed decision. That identifies any potential issues or hidden problems. That includes previous accidents, flood damage, odometer tampering, or salvaged titles.

What information does a VIN check provide?

VIN check provides a range of information about the vehicle. That includes its make, model, year of manufacture, engine specifications. And accident history, title status, mileage records, ownership history, recalls, and more.

Where can I perform a VIN check?

You can perform a VIN check through online services provider. From those specializes in providing vehicle history reports. Such as government agencies, reputable vehicle history report providers and authorized dealerships.

Is a VIN check free?

While few registration check service are free, but vehicle history check or VIN check are not. It’s important to compare different providers. Check their pricing options for a detail history report.

Can I do a VIN check on any vehicle?

Yes, you can perform a VIN check on almost for any vehicle, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and more. You need the VIN. That is a unique identifier assigned to each vehicle.

Can a VIN check reveal if a vehicle has been stolen?

Yes, a VIN Check can help identify if a vehicle is been stolen. The report will tell if the VIN matches any stolen vehicle records in the database.

Can I get a VIN check report for a vehicle located in another country?

VIN Check services are generally available for vehicles in different countries. But the extent and availability of data may vary and may be specific to service provider. It’s advisable to use a service that covers the country. Where the vehicle is registered or seek country-specific sources for accurate information.

What should I do if a VIN check reveals negative information about a vehicle?

VIN Check may reveals negative information. That includes wrong title, severe accidents, or other significant issues. Tt’s important to assess the implications in detail. Consider consulting with a trusted mechanic or professional. Go for detail inspection and estimate potential risks associated with the buy.

What is PPSR Certificate?

It is an official government Certificate. And it is issued by Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

What is REVs check?

REVS Check is also known as Vehicle History Report or PPSR Check. This is a service that allows you to search for a vehicle for its detail. That detail about history of a used vehicle, including its financial and legal status.

How does a REVS Check work?

REVS Check search for a vehicle in a national register of vehicles. And it retrieves information about a vehicle’s history. The history reports have more detail. That may be any encumbrances, or outstanding finance. Or it can be writte-offs, theft cases, any significant accident or flood damage.

Why is a REVS check important when buying a used car?

A REVS check is crucial when buying a used car as it helps you make an informed decision. It reveals if the vehicle has any hidden issues. That could be outstanding debts, or legal complications that could impact your ownership. This can yet save you from purchasing a stolen vehicle or one with existing finance owing on it.

Where can I perform a REVS check?

REVS checks can be performed online through government websites or trusted service providers. Most of them offer access to vehicle history databases. In Australia, for example, you can perform a REVS check in this VinVerify website platform.

How much does a REVS check cost?

The cost of a REVS check can vary depending on the service provider. Some checks may be available for free, while others may need a fee. It’s advisable to compare different providers and check the pricing options available.

What information does a REVS check provide?

A REVS check provides information such as the vehicle’s identification details. Including encumbrances (outstanding finance), written-off status, stolen vehicle status, registration detail. And more details like odometer readings and past sales history.

Can I do a REVS check for a motorcycle or other vehicles besides cars?

Yes, REVS checks can be performed for various types of vehicles. Thats including motorcycles, boats, caravans, and trucks. The process and availability may vary depending on the country or region you are in.

Are REVS checks necessary when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership?

It is generally recommended to perform a REVS check even when buying from a dealership. While dealerships are required to ensure clear title on vehicles they sell. Performing a REVS check adds an extra layer of protection and ensures peace of mind.

What should I do if a Revs check reveals a negative history on a vehicle?

If a REVS check reveals a negative history. Such as outstanding finance or previous accidents. It is crucial to assess the implications in detail. You may want to seek further clarification from the seller. Conduct a thorough inspection. Or consider consulting a professional to determine the potential risks.

Can I get a REVS check report for a vehicle located in another state or territory?

In most cases, REVS checks can be performed nationwide. That allows you to get data for vehicles located in different states or territories. But, it’s important to verify their coverage and availability. Check with the specific service provider or relevant authority in your country.

Where to look for VIN in my vehicle?

VIN is a 17 digit number written. This is available on car body, you look for on the windscreen. Or inside the body once you open the engine cover or on body while driver side door is open.

Which Motor Vehicles can be Searched?

PPSR (REVS) check are available for motor vehicles. That includes car, trucks, motorbikes, caravan, tractor, trailers etc.

Can you search in PPSR for Unregistered Vehicles?

PPSR Search by VIN can be done for registered vehicles or once registered. Older vehicle before 1989 can be search by chassis number.

Vehicle Recall Reports not available in PPSR Certificates

From 29 March 2023, AFSA decided that PPSR Search certificates (REVS Check) will no longer include vehicle safety recall data. Note that the absence of recall data in the certificate does not means that the vehicle is not recalled.