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$2 PPSR Check SA offers better deals to conduct a search for your registered motor vehicle in Adelaide or South Australia (SA) with PPSR straight away for each manufactured after 1989. Recently in South Australian market, REVS Check is becoming more and more necessary due to ever increasing scamming in old cars. This is a quick and easy way process to get report in less than 30 seconds. You can Search By Rego or VIN to get this $2 PPSR Check SA report. How you may wanna know what is REVS Check.

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Why people do $2 PPSR Check SA

If you are buying a used car registered in Adelaide or South Australia (SA), how do you know if the vehicle has the correct details? Not personalized or damaged? Get accurate history details of a car quickly is one way to do a S$2 PPSR check for instant reports, 24/7 service, free updates – make life easy.


How to do $2 PPSR Check SA ?

Complete your $2 PPSR Check SA in just three easy steps. Get detailed information about the $2 PPSR Check SA report provided by financial institutions. Enter search details to get official Australian Government PPSR and NEVDIS registrations for all cars in Australia. $2 PPSR Check SA will be sent to your email within seconds.

Enter VIN or Rego

Use either VIN (17 Digit identification number) or Rego (Plate No), just enter detail in the search input box and hit Search.

Check Vehicle Detail

Check your VIN/Rego before purchasing the car, review details such as make, model etc.

Payment & Report

Complete your payment via Credit Card or Paypal and a detailed $2 PPSR Check SA report will be emailed to your email in a few seconds.


Instant $2 PPSR Check SA benefits

At VinVerify.com.au we offer an affordable $2 PPSR Check SA service for vehicles registered in Adelaide or South Australia (SA). Our $2 PPSR Check SA service is a useful website for car buyers and owners, car dealers in most states in Australia.

Big Bargain

You are will be enjoying very reasonable and affordable rate, you will save dollars.

Instant Check and Report

After your $2 PPSR Check SA by your VIN or Rego, you will quickly get detail report on your email.

24/7 Service

Our service is live online round the clock. You can do $2 PPSR Check SA and get your report at any time.

No Sign up

You can easily check by VIN or Rego of your car without any sign up or creating an account.

Free Update for 14 days

With your latest search, you will be able to download update on PPSR Certificate FREE for next 14 days.

Secure data and service

The $2 PPSR Check SA is conducted through a secure channel to trust data managed by Austrlian Financial Sercurity Authoirty and National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).

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Discover what $2 PPSR Check SA includes

You can conduct a $2 PPSR Check SA for your car registered in Adelaide or South Australia (SA) with PPSR. End of every check you will get a $2 PPSR Check SA report. The report includes information related to the vehicle are of the following.

Registration detail

Registration information such as plate number, whether registered or not, when is the expiry etc.

Vehicle detail

Vehicle details means model, manufacturer, brand, body type, engine size etc.

Write-off Check

If the car had prior accident, you can will find out. Our reports mention if the car has history accident or whether it had a repairable write-off, or a total loss, or whether no accident history on that car at all.

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Stolen Detail

$2 PPSR Check SA report will tell whether it was stolen, how many times is been stolen and or registered, when it was.

Finance owning

Whether the checked vehicle is under lease or finance? or any one owing money to any person or to any company, or to any lender or to bank.

Flood or storm damage

$2 PPSR Check SA report will have detail information on whether it is flood damaged or storm damaged? or been hail damaged.

PPSR certificate

End of your $2 PPSR Check SA, you will receive a PPSR certificate. This is an important document for any legal issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIN

A vehicle identification number, in short VIN, is a 17-digit unique number given to it by its manufacturer

What is the PPSR Certificate

An official government Certificate issued by the Australian authority The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Where to look for VIN in my vehicle

VIN is a 17-digit number written on the car’s body, which you look for on the windscreen or inside the body once you open the engine cover or on the body while the driver side door is open.

What is REVS?

REVS means Registered Encumbered Vehicles. This is a government system that handles registering vehicles with Encumbrances. It tells you whether a car is on loan or has any money owed against it.