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Application of Terms

The terms and conditions of using VINVerify services applies to the users or customers of this website. Please refer to additional terms, conditions and privacy policy of our third party information providers including but not limited to Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA), Personal Property Securities Registrar (PPSR) Australia, Stripe credit card payment gateway service providers, PayPal services and DirectSMS services etc. We, VINVerify, are not responsible for any changes to our third party providers’ information and must not be inquired to us. All transactions conducted via Secure Payment Service Providers. VinVerify Doesn’t Store Any Credit Card Information.

Use of this website

This website is permitted for personal and business as long as the user understand and agrees with the following.

Copy, modify, republish, frame, transmit of any content provided by this website in any way except originally provided is not permitted.

In the event of payment, unless the funds are not be transferred immediately, report will not be generated until your payment is cleared, which may take up to seven days.

You agree and consent that this website is not the owner of the data and it only extracts information from National Exchange for Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) and not responsible for any authenticity or accuracy of any data.

You agree that neither the company holding this website nor its employees are allowed to interpret any data or information for you and to provide any legal advice in regards to any specific information provided within the report.

You recognize that in your report some information such as damage, accidents, stolen or written off data may not available, may be limited, but only those are noted in NEVDIS will be stated. Further investigation and due diligence may be done by the user for any limited information.

Tasmania’s stolen Vehicle information are not available in PPSR report, and can be acquired from www.transport.tas.gov.au

Report of search result will be sent to the email address provided during Credit card check out and to the email address to the PayPal Address.

You accept that you may be contacted via your email address with special offers, product information and or general information relating to VINVerify or other services. You may choose to opt out for further communication upon arrival of such communication.

Limitation to Liability

Clients agree with our liability limitation to refund the changes paid by the client for the PPSR search.


You, the client, agree to protect/ indemnify VINVerify, its employees, directors and trustees and to continue to keep us protected, refunded, insured and indemnified, against any claims and damages, actions, lose, proceedings, any costs or lawful allowances emerges from your dependency to any information acquired from our website or your access to our website.

Privacy Policy

VINVerify keep the information provided by you, the clients in secret carefully and will not share, sell or offered to any third party or to company, except in case of any situation arises to that required to do so to provide our services to you, the client. VINVerify make every efforts to store, safeguard and encode, what we think, personal, private or like any distinct data such as your Name and Email Address of our clients.


VINVerify do not authorise the correctness, adequacy or entirety of the information delivered via this site, nor we update any data.

VINVerify is not liable for any loss occurred as a result of your dependency on the correctness or exchange of information holding within this website. VINVerify do not guarantee this website will be error-free, omission-free or virus-free. The website contents is delivered “as it is” out of any warranties, of any kind, specific, inferred or implied, including as to correctness, suitability and entirety.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only issued in case of VINVerify system faults or services outage in third party information service providers. Refund claims for any change of certificates or credits are assessed individually and should be contacted via our support with each details of transaction, date and time of submission and other information required by VINVerify for further enquiry.

Refunds or credits are not provided for you, the client, to input wrong/incorrect Vehicle Identification Number, irrespective to any successful report generation and consequently supplied to you, the client.


Copyright of this website, is subject to condition of the Copyright Act 1968, that includes but not limited to written text, logo, images, pictures, graphics, icons, software, code is fully owned and licensed under VINVerify and In absence of any prior written approval, you may not reproduce, adjust, distribute, print, publish or make works from any part of this website in any ways or in any format or shape.