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Are you considering purchasing a used vehicle in Australia? Do you want to ensure that the vehicle you’re interested in has a clean history and is free from any significant damages? With our WOVR Check service, you can access comprehensive reports for motorvehicles across New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), Northern Territory (NT), Tasmania (TAS), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), South Australia (SA), and Western Australia (WA). Our goal is to provide you with accurate and reliable information, allowing you to make informed decisions and avoid potential risks. Our website comes with more information on car history check or REVS check.

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Why Choose our WOVR Check?

  1. Comprehensive History Reports: Our WOVR Check provides you with detailed reports that uncover critical information about a vehicle’s history. Our reports include data from the Written-Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) and can reveal if a motorvehicle has been classified as written-off, stolen, or has outstanding finance. You’ll also gain access to records such as accident history, ownership records, mileage readings, and much more. This comprehensive report empowers you to make informed decisions and ensures transparency throughout the buying process.
  2. Nationwide Coverage: Whether you’re in NSW, QLD, VIC, NT, TAS, ACT, SA, or WA, our WOVR Check service covers the entire country. We understand that vehicles can move across state borders, and our reports provide accurate data regardless of where the vehicle is located or registered. You can access WOVR Check reports conveniently, no matter where you are in Australia.
  3. Accurate and Reliable Data: We prioritize the accuracy and reliability of the data we provide. Our information is sourced from trusted government databases and other reliable sources. We ensure that the data is up-to-date, verified, and trustworthy. You can rely on our reports to give you the accurate information you need to make informed decisions.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: We believe in simplicity and ease of use. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for anyone to access car history reports. Simply enter the vehicle registration number and select your state. Our intuitive interface guides you through the process, making it effortless to obtain the information you seek.
  5. Instant Results: We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to purchasing a car. Our Free WOVR Check service delivers instant results, providing you with the records you need within seconds. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for a comprehensive report. With us, you can access the data you need right away.

How WOVR Check Works

Using our WOVR Check service is quick and straightforward. Follow these steps to obtain a comprehensive history report:

  1. Locate the VIN or Plate Number: Find VIN that can typically be found on the driver’s side dashboard, the driver’s side door jamb, or the vehicle’s registration documents or use registrattion number
  2. Select Your State: Look up the state in which the vehicle is registered. Find and click from NSW, QLD, VIC, NT, TAS, ACT, SA, or WA.
  3. Retrieve the Report: Once you’ve entered the VIN or Plate Number and selected your state when search by Rego in our WOVR Check, our system quickly retrieves the relevant data and generates a comprehensive history report. The report includes data specific to your state, ensuring compliance with local regulations and requirements.
  4. Review the Report: Take the time to carefully review the report. Examine the WOVR check status, accident history, ownership records, mileage readings, and any other relevant details. This comprehensive report empowers you to make informed decisions and gain confidence in your next purchase.
  5. Make Informed Decisions: Armed with the knowledge from our report, you can confidently proceed with your vehicle purchase. Whether you’re buying from a dealership or a private seller, our comprehensive reports provide you with the information you need to negotiate better deals, avoid potential risks, and ensure peace of mind.

Don’t compromise your vehicle purchase by neglecting to obtain crucial vehicle history info. With our WOVR Check service, you have access to comprehensive reports for vehicles in NSW, VIC, NT, TAS, ACT, SA, and WA. Start your WOVR Check today and uncover the truth about the vehicle you’re interested in.

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What is VIN

A vehicle identification number, in short VIN, is a 17 digit unique number given to it by its manufacturer

What is PPSR Certificate

An official government Certificate issued by Australian authority The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Where to look for VIN in my vehicle

VIN is a 17 digit number written on car body, you look for on the windscreen or inside the body once you open the engine cover or on body while driver side door is open.

What is REVS?

REVS means Registered Encumbered Vehicles. This is a government system that is responsible for registering vehicles with an Encumbrances. It basically tells you whether a car is on loan or has any money owning against it.

What is the meaning of WOVR listed?
WOVR stands for Written-Off Vehicle Register. When a vehicle is WOVR listed, it means that the vehicle has been declared a “write-off” by an insurance company due to damage sustained in an accident, collision, or other incidents. This status indicates that the cost of repairs is either uneconomical or the vehicle is deemed unsafe to be on the road in its current condition. A WOVR listed vehicle is recorded in a government database to track its status and prevent it from being re-registered without undergoing a thorough inspection.

Can you register a WOVR in NSW?
Yes, you can register a WOVR vehicle in New South Wales (NSW), but certain conditions need to be met. A WOVR vehicle cannot be registered directly; it must go through a Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) process. This inspection assesses whether the vehicle has been repaired to meet safety and roadworthy standards. If the vehicle passes the WOVI inspection, it becomes eligible for registration in NSW.

What is a WOVR status in Victoria?
In Victoria, the WOVR status refers to whether a written-off vehicle can be repaired and registered or not. There are two main categories: WOVR Repairable Write-Off and WOVR Statutory Write-Off. A WOVR Repairable Write-Off means the vehicle can be repaired, inspected, and re-registered once it meets the necessary standards. A WOVR Statutory Write-Off indicates that the vehicle cannot be repaired and re-registered due to extensive damage.

What does passed WOVI inspection mean?
A passed Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) means that a previously WOVR listed vehicle has undergone a comprehensive inspection and has been deemed roadworthy and safe for operation. The inspection assesses the vehicle’s structural integrity, safety features, and repairs to ensure that it meets the required standards. If a vehicle passes the WOVI inspection, it can be registered and legally driven on the road again.