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On your vehicle search journey with us, you will receive a certificate from PPSR, people call it “PPSR Certificate” This certificate is  supplied by the Australian Financial Authority.

Why You Need PPSR Certificate

If you are buying a used car, how do you know whether the vehicle has the right detail? Not customized or damaged? Checking the right detail of the vehicle is just for a piece of mind. Hence a PPSR certificate, a legal document in case of any upcoming issues, is a very important document and should be taken.

Hidden details of vehicle

How to Get a PPSR Certificate?

To get a PPSR certificate, you will need to search for that vehicle by its VIN or Plate number (Rego) on our platform. End of search, you will receive a comprehensive Vehicle Search Report and a PPSR Certificate in your email.


Discover What It Includes

You can conduct search for a vehicle with PPSR. End of every search you will receive a PPSR certificate. This includes information related to the vehicle. Those are

Finance owning

Whether the search vehicle is under lease or finance? or any one owing money to any person or to any company, or to any lender or to bank.

Flood or storm damage

Search report will have detail information on whether it is flood damaged or storm damaged? or been hail damaged.

Stolen Vehicle detail

Search report will tell whether it is a stolen vehicle, how many times is been stolen and or registered, when it was.

Registration detail

Registration information such as plate number, whether registered or not, when is the expiry etc.

Vehicle detail

Vehicle details means model, manufacturer, brand, body type, engine size etc.

REVS check report

Top FAQs

What is a PPSR certificate?

An official government Certificate issued by Australian authority The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

What is PPSR used for?

PPSR is an online register of security interests of personal property in Australia. Company’s register their security security interest on PPSR to let others know that they have a security interest on a particular property.

How to find out my car’s security interest?

You need to search on PPSR with a unique serial number. In our website platform you can conduct a search by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or Plate Number, or by Vehicle Chassis Number. 

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