Reporting Car Theft This is what really Important

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Car theft is a big issue in Australia. One car is stolen approx. every 11 minutes in Australia; nearly 38,000 vehicles stolen in 2021. Nearly 70% of Australian never recovered anything from their car [Budget Direct Report]. 40% of Australian never claimed after their vehicle is stolen – loosing on average $5000.00 out of pocket. Hence it is very important to report if your car stolen otherwise, you can’t claim any insurance.

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QLD On Top in Car Theft Watch cases in Australia

Nearly 13,000 motor vehicles been stolen in Queensland in 2000-21 [Refer to] out of total 48,000 in Australia – on average of one car stolen in every 40 minutes. Car theft rates are higher in Brisbane City and Gold Coast City in Queensland recorded in the report.

NSW is the next highest rate of car theft and neighbourhood around Blacktown and Caterbury-Bankstown have higher theft incidents.

If you are is stolen, make sure to call and report a theft case to your QLD State Police Authority as soon as possible and visit your nearest police station.

Car Theft in VIC

Theft cases in Victoria is not far off from Qld. 12,000 motor vehicles been stolen in Victorial in 2000-21 [Refer to] that almost one car in every 44 minutes. Neighbourhood of Casy and Hume are higher side of car theft recorded. You ought to make sure to record your theft case to nearest Police stations

WA Car Theft cases

According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council statistics for Western Australia, two cars is stolen every three hours. WA is one of the top ranked 4 states for car theft cases recorded. Western Australian Police provided guide lines to for vehicle theft and checklist for purchasing a used registered vehicle. They requested to “Conduct a Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS)” before purchasing a used car.

Importance of Reporting a Stolen Vehicle

REVS check is very popular in QLD, VIC, NSW and WA – only main reason, as you can see, high car theft records in these areas.  A report in REVS Check can tell you whether the car was stolen before. That’s why, make sure to get a REVs Check Report done before you buy a used car.

If your car is been stolen, make sure to make an official report of your car details to nearest police station regardless where you live. You reported information will be recorded to national NEVDIS database and will be available for search by others. A prospecting used car buyer can order for a REVS check report that will tell him whether someone else is trying to sell your stolen car and may report to the authorities. Conducting REVs Check a buyer can protect himself from receiving a stolen property.